Freedom is the ability to express who we are

authentically and pursue our own intentions

without restrictions.

Hello! I’m Adriana

With a humble heart, I want to share my experience with you so that it may serve as an inspiration to live your life without limits.

My childhood and adolescent years were conditioned towards accepting norms-family, school, society, and religion; far from accepting my true, deep self. Norms like “you should,” “you can’t,” “you aren’t good enough,” are still echoing in my mind and Soul. Despite being in this environment of false beliefs, religious constraints, and feeling restricted against my self-acceptance and development, I still dreamt of my freedom.

I was in my late 30’s when I started to question whether or not I was engineering my own life. I was living a profoundly painful disconnection from the present even though I had a seemingly satisfied married life and a wonderful small child.  One day, my 4 yr old was childishly and sincerely bewildered by my profound and silent sadness.

It was in that moment that I realized I have safely guarded inside myself the voices and ghosts of the beginning of my life. I was still living inwardly in the context of my family of origin, replaying over and over a 30-year-old story of disconnection.

I fiercely contributed to a trauma by moving to another country. This move left me feeling worthless in a foreign country where my adaptation was very slow and painful. The new environment and the unfamiliar culture I found myself in the midst of only fed and consistently increased my insecurities.

This hurdle dislocated my inner being further and further from its true nature. I had enacted an exterior play of my inner trauma and was living it fully!

Seeing myself through the eyes of my child was a “wake up and live!” call, the beginning of the shift. I then started a transformation very different from the journey I was on before.

I slowly gave up trying to become someone, to achieve something, to push and fight my way through life. I eventually stopped enduring stuff happening to me and started just being and welcoming life fully.

I learned to trust the Divine Synchronicity of the Universe that always worked on my behalf. I discovered and honoured my gifts by choosing the art of Soul Realignment®

I would be far more accurate in saying that it chose me….

I am an excellent example of the old saying “When the student is ready, the master will appear”!

I resonated so profoundly with Soul Realignment® presentation and Akashic Records, that I felt like everything was coming back home. So, I started studying Soul Realignment® at the first level.


The next step was moving to the second and third advanced level, going further with Soul Manifesting Blueprint, Karmic Mastery and Reading the Future in the Akashic Records. At the end of 2017, I became an Advanced Certified Practitioner in Soul Realignment®. In September 2018 I finished Feminine Power Course with Claire Zammit, Ph D., and in January 2019 I graduated The Strategic Intervention life coaching course with teachers Mark and Magali  Peysha.

This intuitive modality and life coaching training helped me not only to gather spiritual information, knowledge, and understanding, but it helped me find practical ways to ground who we are as Divine Beings. I finally understood that the energy of my choices reflects the energy of my consequence, as in what you give is what you get.

My journey does not stop here! I realize there is still so much more to learn and I evolve every day.

I choose to share this incredible experience with joy and with an open heart so that I may inspire and help you continue your journey for your highest good.


Advanced Soul Profile Reading

Awareness is the key to being self-directed, centered and free in every aspect of our lives.

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Nelly Radeva

Adriana was introduced to me by a good friend of mine, who was really impressed by her work. Since she did my akashic records, I can confirm that working with her was amazing.I learned a lot about my personal archetypes, what my growth points are, and I was given actionable things I can do right away to have a better life. The healing and clearing with Adriana and her guides was a really powerful experience. I would listen to recordings, sometimes days afterward. I felt like the sessions were made just for me, pointing out where I need to focus my inner work.I would absolutely recommend Adriana because she can bring you to a new level of feeling good about yourself.

Donna Marshal

Going into this I didn’t know what to expect, Adriana was great with explaining everything to me and then began with the reading. I felt at ease straight away with everything she was saying and overwhelmed with how much she could tell me about my life and me as a person. I physically and mentally felt different after the healing as if something has lifted off me. I would highly recommend Adriana to anyone as she is so passionate about what she does and it shows throughout the experience 

Maria Cheadle

I was so pleased with the insight and information I gained through Adriana’s reading! She’s very thorough and her explanations were easy to understand. Since her reading, I’ve become more introspective and empowered. 

Adina Capota

I am totally amazed by the amount of information I received with reading.
Adriana provided so many explanations for questions I have had regarding aspects of my personality and things I have “known” all my life but didn’t know why or how.
The homework has already begun to make certain shifts that I can perceive.
Adriana is such a gracious person who, I feel truly has your well being at heart.
I would recommend Adriana to anyone who is searching for answers that their soul has been seeking.
Many thanks and gratitude.


Disclaimer: I, Adriana Baduna, as a Certified Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner and Strategic Intervention life coach, provide services for guidance purposes only. The information received during the Soul Realignment® sessions and life coaching sessions is not intended, nor should it be regarded as financial, psychological or medical advice. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional for your specific health concern. I ask people to take responsibility for themselves and to make their own choices, using their own judgment.
Soul Realignment® readings are informative and support the free will of each individual. I believe in you and I am here to support you in making the changes you want for your life.