Welcome to my site. My name is Adriana and I am an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner and Strategic Intervention life coach. I am inspired by love, kindness, and gratitude and aim to inspire you as well
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I am passionate about helping you grow your self-awareness, helping you love yourself and become the beautiful expressed Soul that you thrive on being.

I aim to transform your existence from stuckness to smooth flow and beyond, into a torrent of abundance! All this is neither a dream nor wishful thinking.

It can become a reality through a process of aligning your everyday life decisions to your unique Soul structure and your particular Soul’s gifts.

Do you find yourself locked into negative self-talk, shunned by life’s opportunities?

Are you wondering without a profound purpose in life, suffering from deep emotional pain?

Are you stuck in pursuing your outcomes?

Would you rather feel empowered, genuinely content and grateful, clear-minded in the flow inspired attaining your life’s resolutions?

Then I trust I have the skill to help you make this extraordinary shift in consciousness.

Below are some shared experiences from people who have discovered the beauty of Akashic Records Readings

Ionela Vilcu

I was so ready to free myself from what was holding me back, and then Adriana entered my life. Her work helped me get unstuck and remove some of my fears. After the reading, I did the homework and tried to change old patterns. If you do your part after the reading you can really see improvement. I also recommend doing the house clearing. It helped a lot.  

Donna Marshall

“Going into this I didn’t know what to expect. Adriana was great with explaining everything to me and then began with the reading. I felt at ease straight away with everything she was saying and overwhelmed with how much she could tell me about my life and me as a person. I physically and mentally felt different after the healing as if something has lifted off me. I would highly recommend Adriana to anyone as she is so passionate about what she does and it shows  throughout the experience”

Eleonora DeSimone

I am totally amazed by the amount of information I received from Adriana with my reading. She provided so many explanations for questions I have had regarding aspects of my personality and things I have ‘known’ all my life but didn’t know why or how. The prayer/homework has already begun to make certain shifts that I can perceive. Adriana is such a gracious person who, I feel, truly has your well-being at heart. I would recommend Adriana to anyone who is searching for answers that their soul has been seeking. Adriana has shone light into the darkness and has inspired me to fulfill my hopes and dreams, to live in the present moment and to align with my higher self and purpose. Adriana, many thanks and gratitude for the blessing that you are.

Sofia Bachvarova, visual artist.

To anyone interested in finding better guidance for their life’s journey, Adriana’s compassionate, yet direct and unfeathered revelations are delivered clearly and consistently. Each segment is explained in its overall (archetypal) significance and later followed by the personal implications for the Subject of the Akashic Reading. It is astonishing to believe how accurate Adriana’s readings have been, for the factual information presented was almost too difficult to accept that anyone besides myself should know about. (It should be noted that I was referred to consult with Adriana by a colleague and there would have been no way for her to find out such personal information about me, even in this “information age”, before my reading).

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Disclaimer: I, Adriana Baduna, as a Certified Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner and Strategic Intervention life coach, provide services for guidance purposes only. The information received during the Soul Realignment® sessions and life coaching sessions is not intended, nor should it be regarded as financial, psychological or medical advice. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional for your specific health concern. I ask people to take responsibility for themselves and to make their own choices, using their own judgment.
Soul Realignment® readings are informative and support the free will of each individual. I believe in you and I am here to support you in making the changes you want for your life.