1 On 1 Coaching with Adriana

Emotions, Energy, Spirit

Seeing with the eyes of the Soul

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Do You Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

 Changing and transforming is  not easy. I am happy to help you figure out what you need most right now and help you gain clarity about the steps towards empowerment. I am here to help you find your way out of a difficult situation and step into your power. Together we can go on a journey of discovery and self-actualization to create a better life for you.

The Goddess Path

Take ownership of your Feminine Energy.

If you are a self-discovering woman, you may be feeling a yearning to express and cultivate your unique gifts and genius through your Feminine qualities.

Discover which area represents the biggest gap between who you aspire to be and how your life is currently showing up.

Set an intention for what you desire to create and commit to putting yourself and your empowerment first. In the coaching sessions, you are going to discover new ways of orienting and relating to yourself, to others, to life. 

Create a space of clarity where your intuition can flourish.

Gain insights into where you are stuck in your life and how to get unstuck by using your intuition. Often, as a result of cultural or religious conditioning and negative experiences, we start ignoring and mistrusting this essential skill.

Gain consciousness of the Energy behind your choices.

Learn to develop “energetic intelligence” beyond the Ego. The great gift of consciousness is that we are no longer as identified with our Ego! This allows us to examine the energy behind our choices without falling into self-judgment or self-criticism. In order to work with your karma, it is essential that you learn how to witness and observe the energy behind your choices.

Working with your Archetypes

This strategy is all about integration. Inside of us, there are often different selves that take on roles, create meaning, and interact with our world. These different parts of ourselves are experienced in a variety of ways within a specific relationship or area of life. Our archetypal patterns are essentially neutral; they have both light and shadow aspects. The shadow becomes hostile only when is ignored or misunderstood.

Identify the dreams and desires that are in alignment with your Soul’s purpose, and will make you feel authentically happy and fulfilled.

What does your Soul yearn to accomplish in this lifetime? Your EGO can lead you to avoid the innermost truth. Very often, even though your Soul’s purpose is clear, the past experiences and their consequences can lead to hesitation. Come back home, grounded in your Soul’s wisdom and create an inner and outer space for the new.

Discover your six human needs

Understanding your top needs will make it easier to accomplish a goal or change your perspective about a challenge. We will discuss how your needs change and take different priorities. How do you experience your needs in your day to day life, friends, family, and career?

” Zen says truth has nothing to do with authority, truth has nothing to do with tradition, truth has nothing to do with the past- truth is a radical, personal realization. You have to come to it. Knowledge is certain; the search for personal knowing is very, very hazardous. Nobody can guarantee it. If you ask me if I can guarantee anything, I say I can not guarantee you anything. I can only guarantee danger, that much is certain. I can only guarantee you a long adventure with every possibility of going astray and never reaching the goal. But one thing is certain: the very search will help you to grow. I can guarantee only growth. Danger will be there, sacrifice will be there; you will be moving every day into the unknown, into the uncharted, and there will be no map to follow, no guide to follow. Yes, there are millions of dangers and you can go astray and you can get lost, but that is the only way one grows. Insecurity is the only way to grow, to face danger is the only way to grow, to accept the challenge of the unknown is the only way to grow”

OSHO- The transcendental game of Zen

My Approach

Mind, Body, Emotions, Energy, Spirit

Create Inner and Outer Space for The New!

The Goddess Path program is customized for you, a powerful woman, with access to wisdom and gifts, along with inner and outer resources. What kind of life do you want to create for yourself?

Your feminine spirit is just longing and stretching to be embodied by every essence, by every bone of your being. This beautiful feminine energy is open, fluid and receptive and now, more than ever, we must connect to our feminine essence and our true powers.

You have everything you need right now in your immediate environment to grow into your future self. As your capacity and skills grow and expand, you will naturally attract opportunities at these new levels.

Whatever is in your life right now, it is the perfect container for growing yourself into the possibilities and potential that you sense.

There is a life-force within your Soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine. O traveler, if you are in search of that, don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek that.


How It Works

Apply for Clarity session

I do connect one-on-one with my client, through phone or over the internet, usually for 60-90 minutes each week. Together, we discuss where you are in your transformational process, what results you have gotten from your efforts so far, and how to fine-tune those efforts and take the next step so you can continue to make progress in the coming weeks. For each week, you will get customized assignments/homework and we will work with different strategies to get the emotional support and guidance in alignment with your intention.


Choose a Coaching Plan

I do find joy in using my gifts to help people create the lives they want, see the answers they already have inside themselves, and find the courage to act upon those answers.

Coaching Plan 1: Focusing on personal goals and challenges ( 8 sessions)

Coaching plan 2: Working with clients’ relationships.

Coaching plan  3: Self-Discovery coaching. Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit

Coaching plan 4 – pearL formula

Purpose- Emotions- Actions- Relationships- Likes



Holding the space

A client comes to coaching with their own need for transformation. When the coach understands this and holds the space of transformation, discovery, and realization, the client feels empowered to perform the work.

This space will help in achieving what is most important to my client in alignment with her feminine energy.

Think outside the box: I guide my clients through a sequence of concepts, experiences, and strategies, to gain new perspectives and new actions. Be prepared to step outside of the conventional relationship to create a new dynamic in your life.

What is the intent behind all that you do?

You have a choice now…

You can allow your heart and soul to stay open, or you can move away and invest your energy elsewhere!