Our Inner Circle of Guides is our very own personal Spirit Guide team, assigned to assist us on our third-dimensional journey in this lifetime. These Guides are exclusively equipped to serve us, and we interact with them almost every day.

One Spirit Guide has been with you from birth and as you evolve, your Spirit Guide team also evolve with you. Your Higher Self-will “hire” the others (5-6 Spirit Guides) as you have progressed through early childhood into young adulthood.

We are here to create our own experience and our Guides will be best to ask for guidance based on our intention.

Our spiritual guides are a safe, validating source of what is best for us and our loved ones. Spirit’s job is to guide you into fulfilling your soul’s greatest vision this lifetime; follow universal laws; support you from a completely loving, non-judgmental place. During the Akashic Record Reading, we can identify significant events that happened to us at a certain age and the coping mechanism developed by us.

In order to heal the childhood wounds through Soul Realignment, we identify the Negative Spirit Guides and the programs that are still running in the background.

We engage these guides during childhood to help us overcome challenges, trauma, or drastic changes. While these Negative Spirit Guides help us overcome problems and are not “mean,” they install a negative program in our mental or emotional body.  This program helps us overcome that particular difficult period in our life, but the problem is that it continues to run in the present moment and reminds us of the initial wound. The parents’ divorce, moving to another school or country, verbal or physical abuse, depression or anxiety – all these are real triggers or reasons to engage Negative Spirit Guides. In such circumstances, we “hire” a Guide that will help us uphold a coping mechanism which allows us to adapt and get through the situation.

Our mental body is not developed until the age of eight and the emotional intensity is profound. In this context of reduced mental ability to comprehend and emotional dominance, we are forced to adjust in order to “function normally” in this environment. We are in survival mode.

As children, we are dependent on our parents or caregivers. The environment (physical, mental, and emotional) that they create, and we live in has a profound impact on us because as adults we become products of that environment.

When we are wounded, humiliated, or demanded to behave in a way others believe we should, we are in misalignment with our Divine source. We start to hide and deny our divine nature that is in contrast with society or family expectations.

To create a sense of belonging we create a distorted self –image that is more accepted by society/family. We eventually completely identify with this “Aligned to Society Self” that gives us a sense of security. In this process, we corrupt our original Divine Soul Blueprint and we also change our vibration. This hidden new vibration is maintained in 3rd-dimension and will attract experiences that match us at that new vibrational level.

In the physical world, we experience a reality that matches us at a vibrational level, so we can only attract to us that of similar vibrations; we attract events, people, relationships, and circumstances in our life that have the same vibration as ours.

Renewing the team of spiritual guides allows us to acknowledge and free ourselves from our childhood wounds. It empowers us and helps us make conscious choices that are in alignment with our divine self.

Any significant change that pushes us outside of our comfort zone can be acknowledged as a dramatic event from childhood. The primary survival instinct is prevalent, and we seek to overcome this discomfort in our physical and emotional body.

An example of negative Spirit Guide running a program of “Isolation”  at chakra 4 in the emotional body is: a child may feel it is beneficial for him to isolate himself from family and friends. This self-imposed isolation helps him overcome a present situation in his life. This program is sustained by the Guide through adulthood, and while it was helpful at a particular time in childhood, it is now interfering with our Divine self-expression.

In an Akashic Records reading, you will find out how many and what kind of Spirit Guides you have at this present moment, what exactly are they helping you with and what message they have for you. You can always work closely with them to create more of what you want in your life.