Soul Profile Reading and Clearing


Embrace your Soul’s gifts and live in alignment with them.

Understand your Soul’s True Essence and the Karmic Patterns that have been keeping you from accessing it







Max DePree


Transform and restore you to a place of optimum boundaries, inner security, stability, and strength. This reading helps you discover and strengthen your intuition. A new door is open and you can find the action steps to understand and transform your life.

Reading the Soul profile and clearing the “blocks and restrictions” in Akashic Records is the main work in Soul Realignment®.
There is a considerable amount of information in this reading, and it can be a little overwhelming in the beginning.

Soul Realignment® will help you retrieve only the practical, useful information that actually has transformational value in a very precise, focused way.
Before our session together, I need first, to locate the Soul in the Akashic Records. If the Soul asks for assistance in its evolution, I will be able to go further with the actual reading.
In the first part of the reading –The Soul Profile you will find out first and foremost who you are at Soul-level :

  • The energetic qualities that your Soul is made of and how they can be expressed in creating the life you desire.
  • How being misaligned with your Divine nature can affect your power to manifest abundance in this human experience.
  • The Soul Group of Origination and the characteristics of this group.
  • Your Soul vibration rate.
  • Your level of connection to the Higher Self at this moment, conscious and unconscious.
  • How congruent are your current choices with what you are at the Soul level.
  • Your Soul Specializations, if any.
  • The primary life lesson for this incarnation.
  • The number of Spirit Guides in your Inner Circle.

In the second part of the reading – How we create our current circumstances through choices made in past lives or present life – you will discover :

  • What “blocks and restrictions” currently limit you from living your Divinity. The history of certain past lives and how the choice and consequence in those lifetimes are still affecting you energetically.
  • Chakra imbalance and healing the Golden Web tears and scars.
  • Attaching mechanisms such as – contracts, pacts, negative intentions, constraints, vows, negative unjustified karma, negative etheric or physical implants etc.
  • Independent negative thought forms ( from the collective consciousness but adopted in our present life).
  • Negative thought forms and anger spears.
  • Earthbound spirits.
  • Negative entity attached to the past or present life.
  • Portalways and/or astral travel.
  • Soul loss or Soul added.
  • Existing karmic patterns and programs – you will gain an understanding and awareness of each negative choices that contributed to your Soul’s experience.

It is essential to accept the responsibility for your choices, and then you can make new choices/actions in alignment with your Divinity and create the life that you desire.
In the final part of the reading, we can clear what is limiting you. This Soul-level clearing work in your Akashic Records is done before the session.
The energy “clearing” work takes place at the fifth-dimensional level and is governed by INTENT! It is, therefore, essential to have an understanding and awareness of how each choice, positive or negative, has contributed to the creation of ” blocks and restrictions” in your past or present life.
The client can at all times reject clearing work we do. The intent is just held in the client’s Record until the client agrees to the process.

IMPORTANT- this clearing work opens a door! But you have to make physical new actions in three-dimensional to create new positive habits.
Of course, if you insist on making the same old choices/actions that led to your current reality, clearing work has no value. When your intention and your actions are aligned, through choice, you will create the reality you want.



You will receive homework that is specifically created based on the “blocks and restrictions” found. Reading this homework mindfully for 21 days will involve the conscious mind, and you can actively participate by grounding those energies/frequencies on a physical level.
As you continue your homework for 21 days, you will start noticing energetic changes, some subtle, others very profound. These changes can take place at any level: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
You will start to have a different view of life, of who you really are on this Earth, and care more about your Soul.
Many people feel an influx of vital force energy into the body that giving them the opportunity to make new choices align with their Divine nature.




The price for this essential reading and clearing is EUR 150.

You can request the reading either in English or Romanian, depending on which language feels easier to express yourself.