First time on this website? If you’ve never had an Akashic Records Reading before, start with Basic Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing. If you want to continue your journey, I offer several different readings and coaching packages.

Find The Path Which Resonates With You


Soul Profile Reading And Clearing


Reading the Soul profile and clearing the blocks and restrictions in Akashic Records is the main work in Soul Realignment®.

Start your journey here and open the doorway to your Soul. Align your everyday life decisions to your unique

Soul structure and your Soul’s particular gifts.

Manifesting Blueprint 


This reading is an active process. You will get the tools you need to integrate the information and the

understanding of your manifesting process. It is important for you to set an INTENTION for reading because

the information and overall experience is very responsive to your energy.

The Manifesting Blueprint = How The Soul Experiences Its Divinity While Incarnated.

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. The more you push

yourself beyond your comfort zone, the more you will believe in yourself and challenge the perceived impossible. 

Relationship Reading and Clearing 


This Reading is designed to give you great insights and beautiful guidance around your relationships.

This reading can be done not only for romantic relationships or partnerships but also for parent/child,

brother/sister or very close friends. The goal is to encourage both people to see each other from a Soul perspective.


Life Situation Reading and Clearing


This is one of the great follow-up sessions to have once you have done Soul Profile Reading and Clearing.

Where are you feeling stuck, or you have a specific unresolved life situation?

Life situation reading is not only guided by the current experience but, more importantly, is guided by what you want to create

in the next 3-6 months in your life.

Life Lessons Reading and Chakras Analysis 


This reading is all about our Life Lessons and we can see how Our Soul chooses an experience in this human lifetime.

Knowing our Life Lessons gives us “the permission” and a sense of validation that what we experience right now is okay and part

of our purpose.

Chakras Analysis is a very detailed reading of the imbalances found at the physical body level, emotional and mental energy



Property Clearing


An Akashic Record reading can be done not only for a Soul but for property too. It is possible to realign and

energetically clear a property on behalf of the client who energetically owns the property.


Continue on your Soul Journey


It is my greatest joy to guide you along the path of self-discovery.

Working with your INTENTION and feeling empowered for change is the main reason you would love these


I will combine the Akashic Records Readings and Strategic Interventions coaching program.

Together, we will discover the root cause of your fears, quiet your internal self-doubt, and ultimately reinvigorate

your self-confidence.

Start with 30 min Free Clarity Session

Follow your Heart and find the path which resonates with you

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Disclaimer: I, Adriana Baduna, as a Certified Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner and Strategic Intervention life coach, provide services for guidance purposes only. The information received during the Soul Realignment® sessions and life coaching sessions is not intended, nor should it be regarded as financial, psychological or medical advice. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional for your specific health concern. I ask people to take responsibility for themselves and to make their own choices, using their own judgment.
Soul Realignment® readings are informative and support the free will of each individual. I believe in you and I am here to support you in making the changes you want for your life.




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