Property Clearing


An Akashic Record reading can be done not only for a Soul but for property too. It is possible to realign and energetically clear a property on behalf of the client who energetically owns the property.
Energetic “ownership” of property follows financial responsibility:

  • The client is the owner of the house/apartment for which the reading is done
  • The client pays rent for an apartment/house, you energetically “own” that apartment/house.
  • Energetically “own” meaning that your free will governs the property.

We are usually attracted to properties that are vibrationally aligned to us. However, in time, properties may accumulate all kinds of energies that are no longer aligned with the residents of that property.
Sometimes after a Soul Realignment® reading has been done a client becomes vibrationally misaligned to their property.
The client has changed, but the property has not!
Do you feel like:

  • You are energetically sensitive in the place you live or work.
  • The space around you does not feel “right.”
  • You have recently moved to a new home, but the space is not cleaned from the energies of the previous owners.
  • You want to sell a property, but you have great difficulty finding a buyer.

By working with Akashic Records, we can clean and align the property and make a big difference in client’s life.
For Property reading and clearing, I need some information to locate the property in the Akashic Records.

The price of this reading is EUR 60

You can request the reading either in English or Romanian, depending on which language feels easier to express yourself .