Life Situation Reading and Clearing

“The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment. That’s all there ever is.”

~ Eckhart Tolle





What are you experiencing at this point in your life that needs particular attention?
What do you want to create instead?
Life Situation reading is especially useful for returning clients looking to understand a specific situation or several issues that are currently negatively impacting their life.
I recommend having done the Soul Profile reading and clearing before the Life Situation reading. However, this reading CAN be adapted for new clients.
Clearing in the Akashic Records always depends on how prepared the person is to “heal”. Often, new “blocks and restrictions” appear in the Life Situation reading because the client is now more ready to “clean” what did not appear in the previous reading.
The clearing work is like peeling an onion: there are many layers of negativity to be cleared, one after another. Usually, when the client is ready for more clearing, a new situation will arise in their life that needs to be addressed and this reading can bring light and a better understanding to the existing situation.
People know very well what they don’t want in their lives, but often don’t know what they want instead.
Life situation reading is not only guided by the current experience, but more importantly, is guided by what you want to create in the next 3-6 months in your life.
During this session, we closely see the root energy causing “blocks and restrictions” and why you are attracting specific life experiences.

This session will focus more closely on:

  • Chakra imbalance
  • Imprints
  • Cod corruptions
  • False beliefs and illusions
  • Negative unconscious patterns
  • Genetic Karma
  • Negative connections: hooks and cords
  • Justified or unjustified karma
  • Ancestral vows
  • Archetypal block or negative Archetype
  • Other negative attachments

Clearing these “blocks and restrictions” will bring you new clarity and perspective. You will learn how to make better choices in alignment with your Soul’s Divine nature, in order to manifest your desired intention.

Taking time to reflect before the reading makes our time together more efficient. Please be prepared with a description of your current situation.

Ask yourself:

  • What situations are currently in my life that I want to discuss during my reading?
  • What new life circumstances do I intend to create within the next 3-6 months?

INTENT must be precise and well defined in time and space.
The more specific the client’s intention is, the more specific the information from the Akashic Records will be.

While the soul-level clearing work in your Akashic Records is done before the session, you have the opportunity to participate by making a 21-day Transmutation clearing request.
You will receive homework that is specifically created based on the “blocks and restrictions” found. Mindfully doing the homework for 21 days will involve the conscious mind, and thus you will actively participate by grounding the energies/frequencies on a physical level.

The price for this essential healing reading is EUR 99

You can request the reading either in English or Romanian, depending on which language feels easier to express yourself.