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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records or “The Book of Life” holds information about every Soul, starting with the moment of creation from the Divine Source.
Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “ether” primary substance. The Akashic Record is like the internet: it is everywhere and accessible from anywhere in the world.
Since they are fifth dimensional in nature, neither time nor space binds them, therefore we can access the records from anywhere, at any time.
The Akasha is not a specific place outside of us that we “go” to retrieve information. The Records do not exist “up there” while we are “down here.”
We are all part of the Records because we are all multidimensional Beings. We exist in all dimensions at the same time: we are three-dimensional in our human body ( you have length, width, and height), fourth-dimensional at the EGO level and the mental level and five-dimensional as spiritual Beings.
Quantum physics recognizes ten dimensions of existence and our Soul is the highest-dimensional aspect of our Being.


What will I do for you?

All of the sessions that I offer are prepay only, please.
To pay for any of the sessions or support calls, you can use PayPal, a very secure online payment method, either through your PayPal account or with any credit/debit card.

  • Better understand where you are at this moment in your life and why.
  • Discover the limiting beliefs, karmic patterns, and programs that self-sabotage you.
  • Gain clarity and knowledge
  • Reconnect with your body and with the extraordinary intuition we have inside of us.
  • Feel empowered and confident.
  • Learn how to course correct when you are not in alignment with who you are at Soul-level.


  • Predict your future. Akashic Records will help you to discover the “blocks and restrictions” from your past and present lives, and how do they manifest in your life. I can show you possible choices that are available to you from the perspective of the PRESENT MOMENT.
  • Connect you to your loved passed ones. I AM NOT A MEDIUM.
  • Soul Realignment® helps align yourself without taking away your free will.


What details are required to access my records?

I ask for some personal details before an Akashic Records Reading, namely your date of birth, place of birth and full name. These details are only ever used to access your Akashic Records. They are kept secure while in our possession. And they are deleted once your reading is complete.

What kind of readings would be beneficial for me at this time?

Soul Realignment provides a number of Readings but the most important is Soul Profile Reading and Clearing. The reading is directly linked to your chosen intention. The ENERGY of your intention will dictate the result of the reading. In Soul Realignment readings will appear only what the client is prepared to heal or clean at that moment of his life. Other important readings are: Manifesting Blueprint, Life Situation Reading and Clearing, Relationship Reading and Clearing, Spirit Guides Reading, Chakra Analysis, Life Lessons Reading, Property Clearing. Performing the reading of a well-defined intention with periodic checks for 3 to 6 months is a very good way to align yourself with your Soul-level gifts. Every reading must be seen and treated as a transformational value, not just as a piece of static information. The FOCUS must be on future action and transformation.         

What is the difference between basic Soul Realignment reading and Manifesting Blueprint reading?

The Manifesting Blueprint Reading is all about how the Soul experiences its Divinity while incarnated. Manifesting is about shifting our vibrational state at the physical body level so that we attract the circumstances we want. It’s all about how we can create a new and different set of circumstances at the level of our physical reality. The goal of this work is to truly understand your own design for manifesting.

In a basic Soul Realignment Reading, the focus is on discovering negative karmic “blocks and restrictions” from past lives and present life. This session will include deep energetic healing and clearing of all the “blocks and restrictions” we uncover. A Soul Realignment Reading reveals your Soul’s true nature, Soul’s gifts and the Soul Group of origination. 

Both Manifesting Blueprint Readings and Soul Realignment Readings involve accessing your Akashic Records.

What is Karma and how can I heal my Karmic patterns?

Every day we create our experience through choice. A choice is an ACTION. It is something that we actually DO. Karma is the manifestation of the consequence to our own choices. Karma can be instantly changed when we make new and different choices that are congruent to our Divine self-expression. Negative Karma is generated when we make choices that do not reflect who we are at Soul level. 

“The concept of consequence is the result of getting involved in Earth’s materializing power, Because what you focus on and wish for is what you will get…both positive and negative“- Anni Sennov



Can I read the Akashic Records for my child?

I can conduct Soul Realignment sessions for my client’s minor children upon their request. It is such a beautiful and amazing gift to all of your loved ones to recognize them for who they are, at Soul level.

How is it coaching different from therapy?

Therapy looks into emotional resolutions to past problems in order to move forward. Therapy puts you in the positions of a patient and helps you cope with feelings, problem solve and change behavior patterns that may contribute to your symptoms.
In coaching, I am planting seeds.
I help and empower people in making changes in their personal life. I inspire and motivate my clients to achieve goals. I provide unique value and insights by assisting them to find their true self. I create a safe environment in which people see themselves more clearly.

How is Strategic Intervention coaching different from traditional coaching?

Strategic Intervention was founded by Cloe Madanes, Mark & Magali Peysha and Anthony Robbins in 2002.

Strategic Intervention has incorporated parts of NLP that were useful and parts of Ericksonian traditions. A lot of things from different traditions of the east like Ayurveda and some practices that come from different spiritual traditions, Christian and Buddhist. In Strategic Intervention we work with our client’s growth energy. We give them strategies so that they have an experience that expands their ability to see what is possible for them.


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Disclaimer: I, Adriana Baduna, as a Certified Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner and Strategic Intervention life coach, provide services for guidance purposes only. The information received during the Soul Realignment® sessions and life coaching sessions is not intended, nor should it be regarded as financial, psychological or medical advice. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional for your specific health concern. I ask people to take responsibility for themselves and to make their own choices, using their own judgment.
Soul Realignment® readings are informative and support the free will of each individual. I believe in you and I am here to support you in making the changes you want for your life.