Sometimes we may feel stuck or limited, especially when we try to follow our spiritual longings.

We may have not yet reached the level of confidence, inspiration, or connection that we strive for. We might find ourselves seeking answers to questions in our lives but have not found solutions.

Sometimes it is easier to blame our family, colleges, economic circumstances, and society for our unhappiness. Not only does this not help us solve the issue, but also deep down we know it does not lead us to a good place.

Because we were not taught how to properly handle “failure,” errors,” “mistakes,” or the low points of our human experience, it is now difficult for us to deal with things that we dislike.

We learn that it is wrong to make mistakes and that crying is a sign of weakness; that we cannot be happy and successful unless we reach a certain standard. This takes our peace away because we start being hard on ourselves and start to generate unrealistic demands.

The problem is not the existence of difficulties, which are inevitable, but our reaction to them. Resistance and repression, denial and complaint take away from our happiness.

We are our biggest critics. When we fulfill “only” three out of five tasks, we tend to beat ourselves up over the two that we did not finish, instead of praising ourselves for the completed three.

Self-criticism works internally as a poison that brings negativity, frustration, anger, fatigue, apathy, and depression. Over time, it becomes a sickness that first settles in the mental body, expanding to the emotional, energetic and eventual the physical body. These and other complications form blocks that affect us in the achievement of our life goals.

We have to look inside of us and see ourselves for who we really are. We have to learn how to respect, appreciate, and treat ourselves with love and kindness.

Through sharing my knowledge with love and compassion, I can help you to uncover and remove the blocks that interfere between you and your happiness.

Join me on the journey to discovering who you really are at the soul level.

I am happy to stand by your transformation as you grow into yourself.