Advanced Soul Profile Reading

What does your Soul yearn to accomplish in this lifetime? Take heart, because uncovering your Soul purpose can be challenging. 

Your survival mechanisms can lead you to avoid your innermost truth. So much of the time, even though we know we have a Soul purpose, we stumble around regretting the way things have turned out. 

Today, I want to show you a way to use Soul Realignment advanced profile to give you real clues about what your purpose is…Tools and tips for making choices that nurture your most authentic self for your highest good. 

Spiritual evolution, while we are incarnated, is about living and doing our Divine self-expression and aligning ourselves fully to our Divine nature in everyday third-dimensional life. In this advanced Soul Profile reading, I am checking the alignment between your Soul-level energetic matrix and what energies you are currently representing in your fourth-dimensional aspect (mental and thoughts), and third-dimensional aspect (body and action).

The price for this reading is EUR 99

You can request the reading either in English or Romanian, depending on which language feels easier to express yourself.

Spirit Guides Profile Reading

Each of us has specifically assigned Guides that can be considered “ours” for the duration of this incarnation. These are the Guides having an innate capacity to serve us, and we typically interact with them daily. 

Our Guides assist us, protect us, and inspire our creativity, and have nothing but our best interests at heart; They also provide us with information and guidance. However, guidance is being given based on their fifth-dimensional perspective and what we perceive as guidance is energetic communication. Everything is energy!

Together, we will uncover the divine gifts and characteristics of your personal team of Spirit Guides.

The price for this reading is EUR 99

You can request the reading either in English or Romanian, depending on which language feels easier to express yourself.

Soul Profile Reading and Manifesting Blueprint

2 Sessions Spiritual Coaching +Plan of Action and Soul Level Clearing

Learn how to create best the life you want

Do you have a dream, a goal, or an INTENTION you want to manifest in your life?

Are your past results NOT satisfactory despite using vision boards, meditating and researching through “Law of Attraction” books and webinars?

There are moments when you simply cannot manifest your intentions, no matter how much effort you put into it. In a quest to understand we access a lot of information and different methods like Law of Attraction, astrology, etc. I know! I have been there!

At the Soul level, we are all very different and have a unique matrix, just as the Source created us!

In order for you to manifest your INTENTIONS and get tangible results, it requires you to vibrationally match whatever you want to experience. Effective manifesting is all about directing your vital force and creative energy with Intention.

HOW do you make this vibrational shift, attract new results and manifest what you want?

In order for manifestation to occur at the third-dimensional level, we must shift the vibrational state of our physical bodies. In linear time, we shift our physical vibrational state quite slowly, doing something new and different, making new choices, choosing new environments, new people around us, doing things we have never done before.

INSANITY:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

 Albert Einstein

This reading will focus on your Soul’s unique matrix and then devise a plan aligning your actions to this unique matrix. The manifestation process is not a generic process, and there is NO one size fits all concept or approach, quite the contrary…


Adriana’s readings have rocked my life! My Soul Profile reading proved to be the best gift I could give to myself and my children. I can now act in true confidence and use my Soul’s gifts to adequately support my little ones in becoming themselves and realizing their full potentials.

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Andreea Elmasri

After seeing the benefits of Adriana’s initial readings, I was eager to also do the mother-daughter relationship reading. The reading confirmed what I somehow already knew inside of me, which was great because clearing the blocks and restrictions lifted so much weight off of my shoulders and made the relationship much easier.

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Ionela Vilcu and Maria Cheadle